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Programs to Grow Your Practice: 
The Baby Boomers are Looking for your Help!

Smart and Ready Academy

Learn how to assist your Boomer clients in creating a solid retirement income strategy plan that gives them guaranteed lifetime income and reduces their worry of outliving their savings.¹ Give us one hour a week for four weeks and we'll teach you the entire sales system covering the Smart & Ready story, effective information gathering, creating the strategy and how to present the solution.

Smart and Ready Retirement Suite

Our Smart and Ready Retirement Suite is loaded with tools to help you create strategies your Boomer clients can implement and help close retirement income and wealth transfer sales. Agents trained on Smart and Ready are using these tools to provide Retirement Income strategies for boomers. In our experience, the average Smart and Ready case is over $300,000 of annuity premium.2 A number of these cases may also lead to significant Life Insurances sales for Wealth Transfer. 


Powerful Marketing Pieces, White papers, Seminars, Print & Video Presentations

PFG is constantly developing marketing materials for you to communicate with your clients. Everybody is different and therefore we produce a variety of different types of marketing tools ranging from printed materials to online pre-recorded videos. We have built and continue to enhance, a range of easy-to-understand materials that breaks down all of the various components and concepts relating to strategies for Retirement Income, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Transfer. This provides you with a range of options to use that best fit your client's needs regardless of their financial experience. There is no 'one size fits all' and we want you to have the tools you need to effectively share important details with your clients in a manner that they will understand and feel comfortable with. Key examples include:

  • The Insurance Edge - Why we have some of the best client strategies for retirement.
  • Sequence of Returns - The impact of returns on Accumulation vs. Distribution.
  • The Smart & Ready story - The common sense way to prepare for your retirement income.
  • Social Security Planning - Understanding your options to help increase benefits.
  • Managing your IRA - Strategies that can help you make sure your retirement accounts do what you want.
  • Wealth Transfer - Strategies for helping to pass on your assets in an efficient manner.
  • Creating tax advantaged income in Retirement - Discover the potential of Max-Funded Life insurance.

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¹Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability and financial strength of the issuing insurance company.
2This example is shown for illustrative purposes only and is no guarantee of future performance and does not depict any specific product.